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A Common Mission: Cost-Effective Solutions For Your Business

Attorney Lakesha D. Holmes helps local businesses and not-for-profit organizations scale in today’s ever-changing business environment. Developing cost-effective resolutions requires entrepreneurial energy and knowledge of state and federal regulations. Since 2004, Ms. Holmes has helped local, regional and international entrepreneurs establish business entities of all sizes to achieve their goals.

Clients rely on Ms. Holmes’ information for their decision-making. She aims to provide cost-effective solutions and straightforward guidance for the lifecycle of your business.

Services Offered: From Starting A Business To Establishing A Succession Plan

At the Law Office of Lakesha D. Holmes, PLLC, in Baytown, Ms. Holmes can help you start your business on a firm foundation. She will explain everything, from choosing a name for your business to incorporating and staying compliant with government regulations. She will help you identify pitfalls and steer clear of them.

Contact her for assistance with:

  • LLC formation – Choosing the right form of entity for your business includes weighing the factors that are relevant to your business. Ms. Holmes offers full registered agent services, ensuring that your legal needs are served under one roof and can confirm the availability of the name on state filing records.
  • Corporation formation – A corporation’s life begins with a document called the “Articles of Incorporation.” If you decide to incorporate, Ms. Holmes makes streamlining the process of forming a corporation. She will generate the necessary corporate formation documents and will file the Articles of Incorporation with the Secretary of State.
  • Corporate compliance – Ms. Holmes provides seasoned assistance with designing corporate compliance programs that are appropriate in light of your organization’s size, form of entity, operational focus, complexity, management structure and breadth of operations. She will also help you deal with apparent violations of those programs and the underlying laws and regulations.
  • Asset purchase agreements – When negotiating and drafting the buy-sell agreement, Ms. Holmes maintains an insightful and client-centered approach. She will protect your best interests in seeking the best appraisal and valuation possible prior to transaction. She will also help you manage your affairs and work with you to make these transactions as cost-effective as possible for your company.
  • Stock purchase agreements – Stock purchase agreements involve the sale of shares in a target company to a buyer in return for cash or another asset. Ms. Holmes can assist you with these complex transactions.
  • Noncompete agreements – Trade secret matters and noncompete agreements are essential to the life of your business. These types of agreements can serve as a settlement for any employee who wishes to break a contract with your company prematurely. Your employee is free to leave but unable to transition right away to your competition for a designated amount of time.
  • Nonsolicitation agreements – Ms. Holmes will help you draft enforceable nonsolicitation agreements. Broad clauses that do not specifically protect your legitimate business interests may not be enforceable. Nonsolicitation agreements can be crafted to protect customer relationships from former employee solicitation for the benefit of your competition.
  • Nondisclosure agreements (NDAs) – Ms. Holmes can help you in the drafting of an enforceable NDA to protect your trade secrets such as your client information, sales and marketing plans, schematics for a new product or your exclusive manufacturing process. Your trade secrets can be protected using a nondisclosure agreement, and you will have legal recourse, such as suing for damages, in the case of violations of the NDA.
  • Deeds, leases, estate contract reviews – Ms. Holmes regularly reviews deeds, leases and estate contracts to help you fully understand your contracts before you sign them.
  • Business succession planning – You need legal help as an owner and/or shareholder for planning and ensuring a smooth transition in the event of a key member’s sudden death, illness or retirement. A properly drafted succession plan can provide the remaining members of the company with a procedure to follow in case the unexpected happens.

In addition, Ms. Holmes works closely with her clients to develop and review the full spectrum of business contracts, employment and independent contractor agreements.

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