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Solid Contracts Are Foundational To Business Success

Whether you need to review a contract or want to develop one, having a business law attorney in your corner can ensure your contract is enforceable in court. While disputes over legally binding written agreements will arise from time to time, you are well ahead of the process when you work with a knowledgeable lawyer to create or review your contract.

Through her long history of providing legal advocacy to business clients, attorney Lakesha D. Holmes has drafted thousands of contracts between two or more business parties in hundreds of industries, covering an enormous range of business relationships in Texas. She will help you build a firm foundation on solid contracts for your business.

Contracts That Protect And Advance Your Best Interests

The Law Office of Lakesha D. Holmes, PLLC, provides services that include creating a full spectrum of contracts and legally binding agreements such as for:

  • Vendors
  • Business asset purchases
  • Stock purchases
  • Nonsolicitation or nondisclosure agreements
  • Employees and independent contractors
  • Business succession plans

Having your general business, employee or purchase-sale contract reviewed prior to signing it can save you costly mistakes or oversight. At minimum, enforceability relies on the inclusion of the correct names of the entities or parties entering into the contract, the date, payment figures, among other information. Attorney Holmes will review your contracts as well as deeds, commercial leases and estate agreements.

Legal Services Integral To Achieving Your Business Goals

The internet offers all nature of contract forms. How will you select the right one that includes the requisite language to meet state and federal requirements for your specific industry? There is no substitute for a well-written or well-reviewed business contract and the personalized attention of an experienced business law attorney. Call the Law Office of Lakesha D. Holmes, PLLC, in Baytown at 832-408-6037 or send an email to schedule a consultation for legal assistance with all of your business contract needs.